Pueblo Unido PDX

Libertad y justicia para todxs.

What is Pueblo Unido?

Pueblo Unido is a non-profit organization that supports Portland metro community members in the fight against deportation. We connect clients to adequate legal representation and help gather evidence to strengthen cases against removal.


Need Help?

Pueblo Unido provides legal service navigation and client advocate support for immigrants who are currently in removal proceedings. Those who are NOT currently in removal proceedings may contact Pueblo Unido for a list of nonprofit organizations in the Portland area who may be able to help.

Don’t know whether you’re in removal proceedings or not?

Facing Removal

*Disclaimer*: Pueblo Unido PDX is not a law firm; we are not attorneys and we do not offer any legal advice. Instead, we help connect clients to experienced immigration attorneys and follow-up to ensure they receive the advice they are seeking.

Reunite a Portland Metro Family

A single father needs your help to get out of detention, win his case against deportation, and take care of his young children living in the Portland metro area. He has been separated from his young kids, all of whom are under the age of 11, for over a year now. If he’s deported, his children are at risk not only of becoming orphans, but of being separated from each other as well.

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Why Latinx?

We use terms like Latinx (Latino/a) and todxs (todos/as) to be inclusive of the LGBT/Queer (Cuir) community. Using ‘x’ at the end of words (and increasingly ‘e’) allows us to avoid prioritizing either the masculine or feminine, and recognizes that there are people who don’t identify with either binary gender.

For more information about the LGBT/Queer community, please click here, here and here (input links).

If you are part of the LGBT/Queer community and would like to send us feedback on inclusive language or more (updated) resources, please email us at pueblounidopdx@gmail.com.


Donate to help keep families together, support immigrant rights, and build resilient communities.